Walking pole specialist

Guidetti high-technology hiking, nordic walking and trail running poles are designed and made to last !

For every adventure

Our three ranges cover the full spectrum of pole usage : hiking, nordic walking and trail running.


State-of-the-art design

We invest in R&D to ensure our walking poles boast the latest technological advances. Check out our exclusive Flashlock system and our soft tips.

Flashlock collapse system

The patented Flashlock folding system is innovating, high-performance and simple to use. Unfold and stash away your poles in seconds without any efforts.

PAM & SOFTIP soft tips

The GUIDETTI soft tip was designed for maximum comfort. It reduces vibrations and noise (by over 70%) on hard ground.Guidetti's PAM tip has been developed to offer maximum comfort during walking by reducing vibrations and softing noise on the soil.
Noise is reduced by more thant 70 % on hard grounds.

Padapt paws

The oval shape provides a large surface area and dulls the sound of the metal tip. When you push off, the Padapt paw changes shape and the tungsten carbide insert steps in to provide grip and aid propulsion.

Viper + grip and glove

The Viper+ glove is ergonomic. Shaped to fit your hand, it improves pole catch. Its cork surface absorbs sweat to keep hands cool and dry.
Remove and replace your hand strap with ease thanks to the patented button-release system.

RGO+ two-material grip

The RGO+ Two-Material grip was designed to be comfortable however you hold your pole. It incorporates two different materials, depending on how you are positioned. The power ledge improves grip while the mesh allows your skin to breathe.


The Viper+ glove is ergonomic and light. The sleek foam handle is shaped to fit your hand, so you can adapt your grip according to the terrain.
Remove and replace your hand strap with ease thanks to the patented button-release system.

Sustainable design, locally made

We have always produced our goods locally and sustainably. Our walking poles were made in France long before it was fashionable. Handmade from start to finish by expert craftworkers, our products are the result of exacting specifications.

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