• Easy Lock
  • Ultra Tech Carbon/Aluminum
  • Made in France
  • Garantie à Vie
  • New
Hiking poles Cime Carmin Guidetti
Hiking poles Cime Carmin Guidetti

copy of Hiking poles - CIME CARMIN/FORET

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Adjustable poles with foam grip, ideal for day outings.

• Made in France
• Adjustable, compact
• Comfortable, long foam handle can be gripped in various ways
• Reliable, easy to use Easy-lock clip system
• Sustainable design: replaceable parts

• Material : 7075 aluminium alloy
• Number of sections : 3
• Diameter of sections : 16/14/12
• Adjustment system : Easy-lock clips
• Grip : R-Go long foam
• Wrist strap : Soft
• Tip : cone-shaped with tungsten tip
• Basket : 2 pairs included (summer 60/winter 90 mm)
• Paw : cone-shaped
• Weight (per pole) : 265 g
• Size : 62-135 cm
• Colour : forest green and black, with splashes of yellow and white or  crimson/bordeaux with splashes of white and blue

Free standard delivery for orders over € 59.99 in mainland France and the European Union.
Delivery within 5 days maximum.

Adjust the height according to gradient thanks to the reliable, safe Easylock clip system.

The comfortable R-Go foam grip can be held differently according to personal preference and the gradient of the terrain. Adjustable, breathable wrist strap.

Sold with summer/winter baskets :
- Summer – recommended for rough terrain, they prevent your poles from sticking in crevices or breaking on stones.
- Winter (JIROL) – wider in diameter, they improve lifting force in powdery snow. The flexible basket aids grip by adapting to the terrain.

Sold in pairs, with 2 pairs of baskets and two paws.

Easy Lock

Technical Characteristics

Easy Lock

The Easy-Lock clamshell adjustment system guarantees simple, effective stick height locking thanks to its external clamping system.

Available in plastic or aluminum for added aesthetic appeal, this system will not wear out.

Little advice : make sure you adjust the height on both sections to ensure good balance.

Garantie à Vie

Garantie à Vie

Notre fabrication française nous permet de disposer de toutes les pièces détachées pour chaque bâton. Ainsi, nos produits sont garantis à vie contre tout vice de fabrication à condition d’avoir respecté les instructions d’utilisations.

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