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Amber carbon aluminium Flashlock

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Folding, adjustable Flashlock carbon and aluminium trekking poles with soft tip.


• Made in France
• Compact and lightweight
• Quiet thanks to soft tip
• Unfolds in seconds with patented Easy-lock system
• Reliable, easy to use patented aluminium Flash-lock system
• Sustainable design: replaceable parts


• Material: carbon 3K/ 7075 aluminium alloy
• Number of sections: 4
• Diameter of sections: 16 /14 /14 /14
• Folding system: Flash-lock
• Adjustment system: Easy-lock aluminium clips
• Grip: R-Go
• Strap: Light
• Tip: PAM soft tip with tungsten end
• Basket: 2 pairs included (summer/winter)
• Paw: cone-shaped
• Weight (one pole): 238 g (for 125 cm length)
• Sizes: 38-125 cm or 42-135 cm
• Colour: black / amber

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Divided into four sections, the last of which is made of 7075 aluminium alloy, for robustness.

Unfolds in seconds thanks to the patented Flashlock system. Adjust the height according to gradient thanks to the reliable, safe aluminium Easylock system.

Comfortable R-Go foam grip and breathable strap.

The PAM tip absorbs vibrations and reduces noise by 80 %.

Once folded, the compact poles are just 38cm long and can be tidied away easily.

Sold with summer/winter baskets :
- Summer – recommended for rough terrain, they prevent your poles from sticking in crevices or breaking on stones.
- Winter – wider in diameter, they improve lifting force in powdery snow. The flexible basket aids grip by adapting to the terrain. Sold in pairs, with 2 pairs of baskets and two pads.

Two sizes: 38-125 cm and 42-135 cm.

Flash Lock

Technical Characteristics

Flash Lock

Le système de réglage Flash Lock GUIDETTI breveté, est très simple d’utilisation. Ouverture et fermeture du blocage en 1 seconde et sans effort. Le déploiement du bâton est rapide grâce à un ressort de rappel.
Lors du premier contact au sol les brins viennent se verrouiller entre les manchons aluminium par un clip plastique. Pour la fermeture du bâton, il suffit de pincer les 2 clips entre le pouce et l’index pour libérer le blocage et replier les brins.

Easy Lock

Technical Characteristics

Easy Lock

Le système de réglage Easy Lock garantit un blocage simple et efficace de la hauteur du bâton grâce à son système de serrage externe.

Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics

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