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Silver Neo

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A collapsible 100% aluminium trail running pole with detachable glove.

• Made in France
• Light
• Compact (41 cm in size 125 cm)
• Ready in seconds thanks to the patented Flash-Lock system
• Detachable wrist strap
• Comes with a carry bag

• Material : aluminium / alloy
• Number of sections : 3
• Diameter of sections : 14
• Folding system : Patented Flash-Lock
• Grip : long, foam, anatomic
• Glove : mesh, detachable
• Tip : PAM soft tip (prevents 80% of vibrations)
• Baskets :  Ø 50 mm
• Weight (per pole) : 187 à 212 g (depending on the size)
• Sizes : 115 / 120 / 125 / 130 cm - 41 cm (folded)
• Colour : red / black with patches of white
• Accessory : carry bag

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The SILVER ALUMINIUM is a collapsible 100% aluminium trail running pole. Feather light and practical, it is ideal for trail runners looking to combine performance and pleasure.

Aluminium is long-lasting because it bends rather than breaks.

Unfold and stash away your poles in seconds thanks to the patented Flash-Lock folding system, so you waste no time and keep your energy for your running.

A handy elastic band holds the sections together once folded.

Tuck them away in your belt or vest and forget about them.

The wrist strap is a great compromise between strap and glove. The comfortable, breathable mesh glove supports your hand so you can push off with confidence.

Sold in pairs, with a cover and a pair of baskets (50 mm diameter).

4 sizes available: 115 cm, 120 cm, 125 cm and 130 cm.

Flash Lock

Technical Characteristics

Flash Lock

Le système de réglage Flash Lock GUIDETTI breveté, est très simple d’utilisation. Ouverture et fermeture du blocage en 1 seconde et sans effort. Le déploiement du bâton est rapide grâce à un ressort de rappel.
Lors du premier contact au sol les brins viennent se verrouiller entre les manchons aluminium par un clip plastique. Pour la fermeture du bâton, il suffit de pincer les 2 clips entre le pouce et l’index pour libérer le blocage et replier les brins.

Technical Characteristics

Technical Characteristics

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